August Bulletin 2014

The Olive Trees

Obi Obi Essential’s Olive Grove

“Farmers don’t have holidays!” I was told with large doses of seriousness. Well this one did! Coming back to the farm after a week away, this time, as always, allows me to see it afresh and with renewed energy. I highly recommend sea kayaking around the Whitsundays, camping and spending large amounts of time reading, swimming and snorkelling as a great change of pace. But now I am back and, the grey green of the olive trees looks more intense against the frost burnt grass. The particular burnish tinge on the growing winter vegies is a reassuring sign that the season’s cold weather is finally doing its thing. The sound of the mother cows calling out to their babies sometimes during the day, but usually at night is both annoying and reassuring. The winter bird calls changing through the day are as always a salute to the beauty of these tranquil days.

Richie, my inspiration and hard worker of the market garden has gone to England for two months to do some DJing gigs at a few music events as well as check out a particular permaculture farm in Sweden. He is already missed. However his friend and fellow farming enthusiast has stepped up to the challenge and travelled from Victoria to help maintain the garden during Richie’s absence. So with Aaron’s help, the bandicoot fence continues to be built and maintained, the green house continues to be constructed, seedlings are being planted out and more seeds planted in and the compost is being turned.

Obi Ob Essentials will not be selling product at the Real Food Festival this year as owning a café with my two daughters has changed the focus of this business away from markets. However, I have the privilege of being a presenter both singularly, presenting the topic, ”Food Sovereignty, is there a growing gap between what the consumer expects and what the farmer can deliver? A producer’s perspective.” and with Chris from the restaurant, “Hungry Feel” in Buderim on the Sunday morning. I look forward to seeing you there.

From our place to yours,

The Johnson family.