Alpaca Wool

alpacas3bsJust like llamas and camels, alpacas are from the animal group, camelids. However, alpacas are too small to be used as pack animals and in Peru, their country of origin, are used for their fibre and for meat.

alpacas3Alpacas have been in Australia for about twenty years. Alpaca owners in Australia are continually trying to improve the quality of the fibre through breeding with uniformity being the key component. That is uniformity of fineness, colour, alignment, length and style. At this point we have nine alpacas, with three of the five girls expecting very soon.

Because I have been a spinner for many years, the alpaca wool quality and variety of natural colours is a dream come true. We produce a variety of naturally coloured, organic wool. All hand-spun from the Obi Obi Valley.

Price: $10.00 for 50g
(Please contact us for wholesale prices)