April Bulletin 2014


bulletin-april-14 I love having the opportunity of looking at the farm through other people’s eyes. I think it gives me a whole new perspective and the sometimes needed energy to continue to strive towards the goal that seems out of reach. So it was when last Sunday over thirty five prospective farmers came to visit for the afternoon. We gently split them up into two groups and Richie did an excellent job in the market garden while I spoke about the history of Obi Obi Essentials and why we are where we are! Then there were the questions and that great opportunity to gain new insights into yourself and others. Thank you Elaine and Steve for organising this great afternoon. The heavens surely opened up the other week and now after having to turn on the pipes to try to control the flood of water, the place is looking excruciatingly beautiful in its rain soakedness and this evening another storm brought more top up and reasons to use the mower more seriously before the winter. As I work in the market garden either in the morning or afternoon it is joyful to watch the geese parade single file past the enclosed garden from the dam down to the now full and flowing creek. May there be good growth and vigour in the now planted seeds bringing the winter vegies!

From our place to yours,

The Johnson family.