July Bulletin 2014


Although Obi Obi Essentials will not be attached to a stall at the Garden Expo in Nambour, Sarah and I are still going, but this year to put more of a hole in our pockets. There are new fruit trees to buy now that the archway has been dismantled in the old vegie garden and re-constructed in the market garden as a greenhouse. The fruit trees that are being seriously considered are as many varieties of apple trees as possible and some more cumquats. The garden expo also means choosing more cottage garden flowers to plant around the house gardens. This is all the more important as there is a wedding happening here in August and another in September. So I can’t think of a better reason to buy more plants!

Constructing a greenhouse in the market garden means that we can produce our own seedlings to a size of viability that allows them to survive when planted instead of being munched when really tiny. There are still seeds that go directly into the ground such as carrots peas and beans but some of the others need more care.

Spinning beautiful soft black wool is the thing to be doing on these cold winter evenings. And now that my spinning wheel is well and truly fixed (thank you Robert), there is plenty to be done. Crocheting classes are going well too. There are still opportunities to be had to enjoy the winter sun on the veranda while doing your first project or, if it suits better, meeting at the café and having a lesson there over a cup of coffee.

From our place to yours,

The Johnson family.